Refit Projects

CSI´s experience and knowledge in all facets of the yacht coating industry is unique. Based on this we have the means to provide our Client with a 6 stage refit project package that will provide the necessary information for the Owner´s team to make a calculated and informed decision on the final budget, timeframe and delivery finish expectation level.

Stage 1

Stage 1 includes the accumulation (but not limited to) of the following data onboard the yacht:

1      Full non-destructive inspection on the yachts surfaces to determine the existing condition of the fairing/coating system to be used for scope of work and                system specification purposes.

2      Obtaining total surface square meters, superstructure difficulty factor and numeric account of parts to be painted for project task work break down                       structure which determines total labor hours and therefore timeframe for the execution of the fairing/coating works per final agreed system specification.

3      Obtaining total linear length meters for window and cosmetic caulking beads for calculation and timeframe purpose.

4      Documenting removable hardware for paint and non-paint for timeframe/budget and storage purpose.

5      Accessing areas and vessel structure accessibility for scaffolding/cover calculation and timeframe.

Stage 2

CSI will prepare and provide the inspection report for part 1. This  includes recommendations on whether the complete yacht requires refinishing at that stage or only sun exposed areas, hull only etcetera. The recommendations are  based on the accumulated technical data which will provide a scale of fairing system and coating degradation.

Following consulting with the Client whereby multiple factors require consideration such as but not limited to; available timeframe and budget, Owners expectation level, Owners usage of the vessel, Owners short and long term plans with the vessel etcetera, 2 or 3 refinishing paint system recommendations can be prepared for the Owners perusal including “rough order of magnitude budget and timeframe” outline.

Stage 3

Following the Owners decision on the preferred system specification and whether the complete yacht or parts will be refinished, CSI can then prepare the designated final specifications, calculations, paint manual, acceptance criterias, recommended coating hold point inspection schedules, inspection budget and other relevant project documents for review and approval.

Stage 4

Supply of the bid contractor refit task summary to bidding contractors followed by review of receiving bids and assist in the contractor appointing process.

Stage 5

Once  the refit/refinishing process commences CSI can execute the technical and cosmetic inspections at the agreed and specified coating hold or witness point intervals. Hold and/or witness point and delivery inspections are executed in accordance with the contractual agreed specifications, acceptance criterias and manufacturer specification and guidelines.

Stage 6

A warranty inspection is executed prior to the contractual expiration date of the delivered fairing/coating works in order to determine whether there is a premature degradation exceeding the contractual agreed parameters for the warranty period.