New build construction projects

Stage 1

In order to fully support the project and its build team, we, at CSI, like to be involved from “the very start” ,meaning when the Owner´s dream is turning into reality in the form of design plans. This is likely the stage where Owners will express their wishes for any specific coating finishes such as metallic or pearlescent, custom color requirements or other.

Whether such specific requirements can be successfully met and realized depends largely on size and type of yacht, its construction method and substrate, fairing/coating products, cruising grounds, Owners usage, available maintenance periods (short and long term) and other significant items that influence a successful construction outcome and service period of the project.

In this early stage, CSI is there to execute an analytic of such requirements in order to provide advice and to determine whether such goals are realistically achievable and can remain within the Owner´s forecasted budget.

Stage 2

Following closure of stage 1, CSI can then review and provide comments on the proposed shipyard specifications or alternatively prepare the specifications, paint manual, acceptance criterias, recommended coating hold point inspections schedules, inspection budget and other relevant project documents for review and approval by the Owner´s Team.

Stage 3

Once the construction process commences CSI can execute the technical and cosmetic inspections at the agreed and specified coating hold point intervals. Hold  and/or witness point and delivery inspections are executed in accordance with the contractual agreed specifications, acceptance criterias and manufacturer specification and guidelines. Frequency of hold point inspections to be discussed and agreed with the Client.

Stage 4

A warranty inspection is executed prior to the contractual expiration date of the delivered fairing/coating works in order to determine whether there is a premature degradation exceeding the contractual agreed parameters for the warranty period.