Our Consultancy Services

CSI is your global partner regarding coating consultancy work. We can provide and assist you further with the following items:

Coating failure analysis surveys

Fairing/coating systems are high-tech products, can be complicated and require a professional application team which follows the manufactures specifications and guidelines to the letter during the preparation and application works. Unfortunately there are loads of factors which can negatively influence the application, performance and/or longevity of a fairing/coating system.

CSI, based on their knowledge and experience of superyacht fairing/coating experience , are experts in the field of failure analysis surveys.

Failure analysis are executed on fairing/coating systems which show either a premature degradation, technical or cosmetic break down, or performance failure either within or outside its warranty period.

Mediation, Arbitration & Litigation

As a SME (subject matter expert), our expertise is often called for mediation and arbitration cases as alternative dispute resolution.

Furthermore, our company is involved as SME for high profile litigation cases concerning yacht fairing/coating system failures worldwide.



  • Inspections
  • Consultancy
  • System Specifications
  • Acceptance Criterias
  • Failure Analysis
  • Project Calculations
  • Mediation, Arbitration, Litigation