Peter Bergsma MD at CSI: ¨Value is he gap between what our Clients can do themselves and what we 

can do for them. What CSI puts into that gap differentiates us in Client offering.¨

The CSI Value Proposition

CSI relevancy
All superyachts are unique, based amongst others, on their construction and lay-out, colour, private or charter, original fairing/coating system, cruising grounds and available maintenance budget and
time frame.

The assumption therefore that a ¨standard prime and paint¨ in combination with an acceptance criteria, 

such as the ICOMIA version , is applicable for all superyachts,  is an incorrect one, but unfortunately often used.

A thorough surface inspection, including measurable data followed by a unique tailor made custom refinishing package, including high end acceptance/delivery criteria, is the best and most cost effective option to fully protect the Owner´s interest and asset.

CSI quantified value

We inspect, calculate and provide budgets for all main items namely refinishing price, hardware 

removal/installation, caulking reefing and application, access scaffolding/cover and all auxiliary items such as corrosion management, heating, lighting, containers, diesel etc.
This will place our Clients in a unique position where they know upfront the fair market price which
provides unique data during Owner´s budget/time frame maintenance meetings and at contract negotiations. Once the contract is finalised and works commence, we execute our agreed inspection and/or paint management plan.

CSI unique differentiation
Managing Director Peter Bergsma is the highest specific coating educated inpector in combination with 36 years of specific superyacht fairing/coating systems experience available today.
9 years of specific coating education, 4 years on superyachts, 10 years at Awlgrip, 6 years of superyacht coating applications and 15 years of CSI, of which 3 years at Rybovich , provides 44 years of experience and uniquely places us to provide you with invaluable coating advice and services. 

CSI value boosters
- hourly rates
- no hidden fees
- no inspection consumable charges
- no specialised instrument charges
- 24/7 availability
- fleet discounts
- worldwide services
- TUV Rheinland direct laboratory accessibility