The Superyacht Paint Refinishing Cost Projections Program

To Whom is the program directed ?

The CSI Superyacht Paint Refinishing Cost Projections Program is directly aimed at Owners, Captains and Management companies, who wish to know upfront what the refinishing budget and timeframe projections are for the 4 major components of a refinishing refit, prior to obtaining bid proposals from yards/contractors.

What is it going to cost ?

The budget cost for the 6 stage program is approximately 1 - 2 % of the total refit cost for the 4 major components which are refinishing, hardware, caulking and scaffolding/cover.

What are my benefits ?

It is a fact that the program is showing a cost reduction for the Owner on the bid contractor negotiations between 10 % to 25%. Further benefits include full contractual documents to safeguard your refinishing project and Owner´s expectation levels and to have coating inspections at all crucial stages. It allows for better planning of budget and timeframes and a greater analytical accuracy of bid reviews.

Why choose  CSI ?

Refinishing of a superyacht is a 4 - 6 year returning event and is time and money consuming and often a stressful time for Owner, Captain and Crew. CSI has been able to develop the unique 6 stage program because it is independent, highly specialized and has the field experience to provide accurate cost and timeframe projections.

CSI is endorsed by 35 years of uninterrupted experience in the superyacht coatings industry, whether it be in the manufacturing, application, corporate managing or inspection/surveying areas.

What is the 6 Stage Program ?

Stage 1

Onboard inspection to survey the paint condition and obtain all work breakdown structure data for  calculations on the 4 major components.

Stage 2

Supply inspection report and recommended system specifications plus ROM ¨Rough Order of Magnitude¨ budgets and timeframes on the 4 components.

Stage 3

Preparation of bid contractor refit task summary, project calculations, system specifications and acceptance and warranty criterias based on the Owner´s decision on expectation level, budget and timeframe.

Stage 4

Supplying of refit project task summary information to bid contractors, review of yard/contractor bids and assist in appointing process of the yard/contractor.

Stage 5

Execution of fairing/coating inspections during the refinishing process and final delivery inspection in accordance with the contractual agreed specifications and acceptance criterias.

Stage 6

Warranty inspection prior to end of agreed warranty period.

When should I plan to involve CSI ?

As soon as the idea is formed that the yacht might need refinishing whether complete or in part.

Who do I speak to at CSI ?

Please call Peter Bergsma on +34 656 302 544 or email your inquiry to