New Build Service Package

Not convinced you have the best deal for the Owner ?

Our new build service package consists out of the following items that are typically  part of our scope of work prior, during and post construction of a superyacht.
Review, comments and/or elaboration and provision of the following:

  • Project technical specification for exterior fairing/coating system
  • Project technical specifications for interior coating systems (tanks, technical spaces, cofferdams, engine room e.t.c.)
  • Project fairing/coating acceptance and delivery criteria
  • Project appointed yard/contractor Quality Control process and protocols
  • Project coating inspection plan
  • Owner's team Quality Assurance process and protocols
  • Yard/Contractor fairing/coating bid tender analytical review and provision of comments
  • Coating hold and/or witness point inspections during execution of fairing/coating works
  • Warranty inspection prior to the agreed performance warranty time frame