The company´s founder, managing director and senior coating inspector is Peter Bergsma.

Peter started learning about general paint systems on a daily base at the age of 12 at a technical school (LTS) in the Netherlands. Following completion of the LTS at the age of 16, he then signed up for the CNS, which is a College for chemical and specific coating education, for which he graduated at the age of 21.

Peter was introduced to the yachting industry while doing his college apprenticeship at Klaver Yacht painting. He was part of a small repair team that was sent to Mallorca to deal with some paint warranty issues. Interacting with crew members on a daily base lead to catching the ¨ yachting bug¨.

After achieving his college degree a year later, he started crewing on super-yachts for 4 years.

In 1991 Awlgrip was looking to expand its sales and technical operations into Europe and Peter was invited to join as the Technical Sales Manager, being based at the European headquarters of Awlgrip in Belgium.

Following a period of nearly  10 years at Awlgrip, Peter was invited to join Ocean Coatings, a superyacht paint application company based in Mallorca, as a 
commercial director, followed after 3 years by Oceana Yacht Finishing.

After increasingly being called upon for assisting in paint technical issues, in 2004  Peter decided to open up Coating Survey Inspections S.L. a company specialized in coating consultancy, surveys and inspections on large new build and refit superyacht projects worldwide.

In 2012, Peter took CSI to Rybovich in West Palm Beach, Florida, for a 3 year contract as the Vice President General Manager of their coating division in order to set up and manage Rybovich´s in-house paint and hardware team. A group which grew to over 100 permanent employees and refinished 63 large projects under Peter´s responsibility.
CSI moved back to their headquarters base in Mallorca, Spain, in 2015 continuing their bespoke and unique coating services.

One important aspect , if not the  most important  of refinishing, is the ability to remain within the forecasted budget and time frame  to the Owner. 
Having had the privilege to work in the different aspects of superyacht refinishing, we at CSI understand and appreciate this better than anyone.

Based on this and our renewed knowledge of full project calculations for all the individual aspects of superyacht refinishing based on data accumulated 
from 63 projects, CSI introduced the Paint Refinishing Cost Projection Program in 2016.

This unique program offers our Clients full independent knowledge and hard data on the budgets and time frames for all the aspects that are involved when refinishing a superyacht. 
Most importantly it covers the items mostly excluded within a standard contractors bid, such as the cost  for heating, lighting, diesel, containers, space occupancy, containment booms, chrome or stainless steel cleaning/polishing, additional corrosion management etc.

The program provides a realistic overall cost without any hidden fees that can be discussed with the Owner without having to fear that certain unforeseen costs have been left out by accident.

Overall CSI is definitely your partner and subject matter expert for all aspects of project calculations, QA/QC, inspections, surveys, failure analysis, legal matters, consultancy, advise, specifications, applications and acceptance processes of superyacht fairing and coating systems.